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About Ken

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and have written, directed, acted in, voiced, and performed thousands of stories around the world. I’ve served as Creative Director for executive keynotes and corporate events in the US and Europe.

I’ve published a book—Blip—written many keynote presentations, hundreds of commercials, countless videos, numerous sketches, web content, and a bunch of songs and lyrics. I’ve won an Emmy® for lyrics and an IABC award for corporate communication, as well as a couple of Tellys for acting and a Mercury voiceover award...

My Sundance-featured short film played on screens around the world, and won numerous awards. I’ve also performed as a stand-up comedian, a singer/guitarist, a corporate presenter, and a commercial and video voiceover talent.

As an actor, I’ve worked in film, TV, and lots of games. I apparently have voiced more characters in the original HALO series than any other actor on the planet—IMDb.

All of this experience has helped me to not only recognize great stories, but also how to write them, tell them, produce them…and perhaps above all…find them.

How I Work with You

speech writer
I listen.

I find your stories the same way we’ve passed stories from human to human for millennia. I listen to you, knowing the stories will emerge. I’ve learned how to recognize their elements, even if they are out of order. Then I help shape them.

I write or consult with your writer.

Your important messaging then gets woven into stories that become a connected narrative to support your goals and desired outcomes, much like how each scene of a movie supports the entire movie. Each piece, or chapter, builds on the others, so that your audience feels more connected to your overall messaging.

Together we Maximize impact.

This approach results in keynotes and videos and other forms of communication that will resonate and have emotional impact on the people you need to reach and compel.


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