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Want to feel more confident about your speaking abilities?

Sick and tired of dreading and procrastinating speaking in front of others?

Need to get your ideas out of your head and into your mouth so other people ‘get it’?

You’ve come to the right place.
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About Anna

Being a communication coach is the culmination of my lifelong experience as an observer of humans in front of audiences.

I was born into a family of professional actors, directors, and educators and spent my childhood and young adulthood watching people as they honed their crafts and communicated with each other on and off stage as actors, directors, artists, and teachers.

Once I add my own professional career as a theatrical performer, educator and researcher, I have earned well over Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours.

I use this theatrical background as a starting point, and since 2003 have translated basic acting skills and communications modalities for the worlds of technology and business.

I have an MFA in Theatre Arts, a BFA in Theatre Arts and a minor in Sociology.

How I Work with You

communication consulting

I Believe:

executive speech coaching

All humans—
either introverted or extroverted or somewhere in between—have the ability to be compelling communicators.

corporate writer

All of us...
want to have ease and comfort in the act of sharing our thoughts and ideas.

corporate speaker coach

All of us...
have interesting and individual perspectives on whatever we are speaking about.

Many companies seek to provide uniform presentations with consistent messaging to be presented by multiple (and very different) people. To be successful, each presentation will be, and must be, colored by the unique personality and perspective of the individual presenter.

Most of us simply need some good tools and a way to approach presentations that will give us a sustainable practice to follow so we can deliver on every presentation.

I do not believe a “one size fits all” methodology. I combine a well-constructed course of content, designed to help you find your voice, while meeting you where you currently are, so we can move you forward on your speaking journey.

Ways to work with me:

Folks who work with me will get specific, tactical and actionable skills completely tailored to each presenter’s needs. I help to connect the human who is speaking to the content they are sharing.

From learning how to make a company deck your own, communicating value to customers, translating for internal teams and management, learning basic skills or refining advanced practices, you'll get content tailored to fit your needs and maximize your desired outcomes.


presentation skills

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